Secret life of a sissy boy

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New Sissy

Hello I have finally decided to become a full time sissy. I have always wanted to be a girl, and would dress up from time to time. Now I want to totally feminize myself. I have all of these masculine traits that I’ve learned, now I want to develop who I truly am. A girlie sissy that must have cock everyday. Will you help me become the girl I want so desperately to be?

I sure will.  Now get on your knees and show us what a good little sissy you are.

Anonymous asked: Hi, really love your blog. Was wondering how i can become a real sissy whore. I cant imagine doing anything other than being a cock whore. I absolutely love shemales and have imagined being fucked and sucking off all day long. I do love cock in general though but im not sure about sucking a man. Please help!! Xoxoxo

You’ll have to come off anon or message me privately for this to work ;)

submissive sissy cocksucker

all i do is dream of dressing up like a girl and sucking cock. i want to be used by men in the bathroom, degraded, humiliated and abused cause i am a cock sucking whore

Welcome to the club! I think you’ll like it here :)

Anonymous asked: Is there a way i can quickly contact you? Kik?

my Kik is isthatcumonyourface

Eye fuck

So last night I was sucking a guy on my back with my head over the edge of the bed. His cock got that wonderful kind of slimy, a mix of precum, saliva from my mouth and my throat coatings. He pulled out of my throat for a second and I pressed his hard dick against my face. He started to move back and forth, and I held it tighter. The mushroom tip found its way into my eye socket. Short little thrusts, I felt like I was just masturbating him, but with my eye! He came this way filling both my eye holes with his hot cum. Wonderfully used!

So after being fucked by a nice black cock for an hour I come home to lay in my Victoria’s Secret panties and his cum is runing out of my ass and made a big wet spot I pull my panties to the side scoop up his cum and eat it and look up and my mom is standing there watching talk about being humiliated at that moment I knew I was a total sissy slut there was no turning back.

At least it is out there now.  Tell us more about her reaction and how you felt.

Anonymous asked: So I'm engaged to be married but I am also a secret sissy boy cock sucking cum slut. how can I convince her to let guys use me as it should be my place in life. I only want her and guys to use me. I don't want to be with another woman but her.

As a sissy, I can tell you the urges will become stronger and stronger.  Your wife to be should know the real you. This is a tough road, and if you are truly a cock sucking sissy, marriage might not be for you.  Unfortunately, this is not for everyone and she may not be into it. A true cock slut needs lots of training and cocks to practice with. You will need to find cock on a regular basis.  Doing this inside of a marriage can be disaster.

I would start VERY SLOWLY.  Start by letting her take charge more in bed, become more submissive in the everyday things that you do.  For example, do more of the traditionally feminine household tasks, pamper her more than you normally would.  Outside of the bedroom, have a conversation about your feelings of letting her take charge sexually.  Share more about what each of you likes.  Test the idea of switching roles. 

Your fiance will either be receptive to the idea of being in charge or not.  If she is not, you will have to decide if you can keep your urges to yourself or if you will be a secret sissy.  It will be hard to lead a double life if you decide to try to hide it.  If she is receptive, you still have to take it slow.  Let her level of enthusiasm dictate how fast you go.  At all times, make sure she is still comfortable with the idea.  If you watch porn together, suggest something with a femdom theme then suggest role playing a scene from the video. 

The next step when the time is right is to admit that you have bisexual urges.  Let her suggest ways you might explore it.  Here you will know where you stand.  Be warned, if she simply is tolerant, she may tire of your behavior and suggestions.  At some point your adding more and more for her to tolerate and you may lose her.  Most women did not anticipate marrying a sissy.  If she allows you to play in the bisexual space, consider yourself a very lucky sissy.  Unless this turns her on greatly, you should not push past this point.  If she is actually hot on the idea of being in control, being married to a submissive sissy and letting you suck cock, then take it away and enjoy your sissy life.  You have our admiration!

cammysissy asked: how can i become a sissy slut

My first advice is to tell me about you, what your experience has been, what clothes you have etc.  From there we will set some tasks if you are up for it…

Anonymous asked: I love real frilly,lace panties,dresses,bra's,etc. I wear panties every day. Am I a sissy?


Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm kinda a very in-the-closet sissy, but I really enjoy it. Know where it might be good to get training?

If you come off Anon I could certainly help you…

Iam a sissy cocksucking faggot.

Me Too!

Iam a sissy cocksucking faggot.

Me Too!

Anonymous asked: Animal girls sounds nice

Everyone loves an animal girl

Anonymous asked: I saw my neighbor while taking out my garbage, wearing panties under my clothes. She gave me an odd look... how do i be more explicit for her to find out (i want to be her sissy bitch) without risking anyone else finding out?

This is a conundrum isn’t it?  There is a high probability that your neighbor will not be into sissies and would be turned off by an explicit display.  If you still want to see if there are possibilities, I would find a reason to go over and visit her (introduction, extra fruit/veg from the garden, cookies, neighborhood news).  When you visit, you could wear ONE fem item like a piece of jewelry, tshirt, sandals, etc.  Wait for her to ask or comment about it.  Brush it off and tell her that you like feminine things sometimes and see where it goes.  If she does not comment or react positively, drop it forever.  If she responds positively, take it very slow from there.

Anonymous asked: When I put on a pair of panties I become so hard I can't resist to cum. Does that make me a bad sissy?

Sissies should be able to resist cumming whenever they want to.  Come off anon and I will make sure you are a good sissy.

Anonymous asked: Goddeess. Where can i get her to train m re to femulate her sexiness??

Email me privately and I will help you…